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Meet Yixy

Born and raised in Beijing, Yixy is a graduate of China’s illustrious Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) where she trained as an artist but post-graduation dove headlong into the advertising industry. Just at the birth of the digital age, Yixy joined Ogilvy Interactive as a Junior Designer and stayed the path of digital design and implementation with Ogilvy through a two year stint in Sydney to reach the role of Creative Director back in Beijing. Yixy then spent 5 years working on the client side with Schneider Electric in China. Her advertising clients include every major brand you can imagine in China, as well as Myers, Milo, Qantas, Telstra, and American Express in Australia.

Yixy is strongly experienced in web-design, digital advertising, print design and brand management including the creation of corporate identity. Whilst an experienced creative, she is also well practiced in trans-creation where an existing brand or campaign is required to be ‘translated’ for a Chinese audience. In these exercises it is often tricky to maintain the central themes and messages through the translation of clever headlines and taglines as well as localising imagery to suit the Chinese market.

Yixy’s experience lends itself particularly well to assisting other agencies with client pitches that require a Chinese element. If you are an agency that has an opportunity to pitch a client that requires a Chinese approach, Yixy would be willing to help out.